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“Who are the late bloomers? They are people who at whatever cost and under whatever circumstances have succeeded in finding themselves.” Brendan Gill

I am a “late bloomer”! Surviving cancer came at a personal cost. After making peace with the challenges my survivorship brought, I am finally able to experience life in a whole new way through art.

In 2015, I made my first portrait collage out of corrugated cardboard and lots of paint and glue. I made a giant Frida and she filled me with so much joy. As I honed my skills, I branched out and made Diego Rivera, Ernest Hemingway, Holly Go Lightly, several Dollys and Willies, Bob Dylan, Iris, 50 Cent, Bevo, Cupid, and several family portraits. I love them all, but I have to say “Fo’ Shizzle” is my favorite. Snoop Dogg and Martha really challenged my creativity! My cardboard art work is brightly colored and has a bit of a sculptural feel.

Painting modern portraits and capturing someone’s spirit by telling their story on canvas is still a thrill for me. My portraits are expressive and tell their stories in an intuitive way, hopefully evoking a smile from the viewer. I love being a late bloomer!


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